Sunday, August 14, 2011


She is waiting, she is nervous, her lover called 15 minutes after the antique clock chimed 12 times exactly at midnight…. Her lover whispering seductively, " the job is done, the plane will be taking off and we will be together at last " … They had planned the murder together in perfect precision, her Husband was dead…. the monster who had made her feel like she was nothing, the monster who had ripped her heart into shreds every time he flaunted his extra-marital peccadilloes in front of her, laughing at her as she wept… The cruelty of his sadistic games will no longer be the landscape of her life and she wonders to herself is he really dead or is this just a dream…  Her Husband the man that had fooled the world with his mask of deception, is dead? The man who had achieved everything because of his marriage to her, is dead? All the wealth, prestige, fame, which was contained inside his beautiful visage that graced the silver screen, is dead? The man so in love with his own reflection that he could never truly love anyone but himself, is dead?  The man who kept her in a gilded mansion of torment, locked by the secret she would never tell, is dead? She begins to laugh uncontrollably, her laughter echoing throughout the mansion…. 

Audrey feels euphoric now as she pulls her new black lace dress out of the lavender tissue paper and puts it on, the symbol of her new found freedom… She looks across the room and sees the glittering golden gods amongst the photographs of her husband's many successes.  She walks over to the mantel and looks at the collection of idolatry that was a testament to her husband’s film career she shoves the  "Oscars” aside and looks at her own reflection, her body filled with sensuality, all 109 inches of her, measuring out at 39-30-40... She laughs again, a laugh so deep it erupts out of her soul, her soul that was buried for so long beneath the egocentricity of the 'star' that had ruled her existence… She feels so free as she dances across the room; she twirls and twirls looking at the man in the movie poster, the one wearing the golden crown.   She pirouettes over to the mantle and picks up one of the statuettes and throws it at the glass, watching it shatter,  "Who is laughing now", she says as she twirls in front of the portrait?  " I will be wearing this to your funeral, do you like it?"  ….